1. Publisher

The website eurolife.be is published by the company Eurolife SRL.

Headquarters : rue Tenbosch 19 boîte 5, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.
E-mail : info@eurolife.be
Tel. + 32 2 374 36 33

Enterprise number : 0438.324.687
VAT number : BE 0438.324.687
Register of legal persons (RPM) Bruxelles

Responsible of the publication : Renato Jannone

2. Hosting

2 rue Kellermann
59100 Roubaix
Tel. +33 9 72 10 10 07

3. Credits

Visuals : Bénédicte Maindiaux, Paolo Jannone, fotosearch.

4. Purpose and relevance of the content

The purpose of the content placed on eurolife.be is to inform companies of the services offered by Eurolife: public relations and marketing services.

Eurolife strives to publish reliable and up-to-date information on its website, even if this information is not exhaustive. That said, it goes without saying that any informational error brought to the attention of the person in charge of the publication would be corrected.

5. Intellectual property

The use of the contents of the website eurolife.be is subject to the rules specified below.

5.a. The texts

The use of the textual content of the different pages of the website (with the exception of the articles published on the blog and the textual content of the Legal notice and Privacy policy pages) by private persons, and this for a strictly personal use, is permitted.

Any use of these texts for commercial use is prohibited.

5.b. The textual content of the Legal notice and Privacy policy pages, the articles of the blog and the site’s images

The textual content of the pages Legal notice and Privacy policy cannot in any way be printed, reproduced or translated, whether totally or partially, nor be the subject of a download, an e-mail or any use whatsoever.

The articles of the blog can only be shared via the Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin buttons available on the site. They cannot be used for any other purpose.

The images of the site may not in any way be printed, reproduced, downloaded, be the subject of an email, and generally be used in any way whatsoever.

5.c. The name and the logo of Eurolife

These are protected and they can in no case be used, regardless of the medium and the purpose pursued.

6. Links to other websites

The website eurolife.be contains hypertext links to other websites. The objective is to allow Internet users to find additional information. However, this does not mean that Eurolife recommends these sites or vouches for the quality and reliability of the information found there, nor for their safety.