Market research and insight

In the face of an environment that is swept by constant change and increasingly more cut-throat competition, businesses have no choice but to devise and implement smart marketing strategies that are adapted to launching their products, services and brands.

To do so, each company operates a market segmentation and chooses a targeted customer segment before positioning a new offer and defining an ad-hoc marketing mix.

Similarly, the enterprises keep a close eye on the changing competitive dynamic (new entrants, offensives by the competition, new market expectations, etc.) on an ongoing basis.

This is the kind of background against which Eurolife delivers a range of adapted services aimed at providing marketing departments with factual data and the greatest possible degree of insight.

Range of services offered by Eurolife

  • Market studies based on observation, ethnography, a qualitative or quantitative approach, etc., with regard to:
    • purchasing behaviours.
    • the motivations and inhibitions in respect of the purchase of products, services or brands.
    • understanding consumption behaviours.
    • customer satisfaction.
    • compliance of services with the standards laid down by the company (mystery customer surveys).
    • the brand capital (notoriety and image of the brand).
    • SWOT analyses.
    • Environment analysis using Porter’s 5 Forces Model, which allows to determine the attractiveness of a market or of a segment by taking into consideration the competition, the new entrants, the substitute products, the customers and the suppliers. This 5-forces model can be broadened to a 9-forces model, which also includes regulations, the economy, the social field and the technologies.