Site Web - Customer CommunicationsBefore anything else, it should be pointed out that Eurolife confines the delivery of its services to the strict context of public relations, which means tools such as advertising, sponsorship and sales promotion that are also used to convey messages outside of the company, are excluded from our scope of activities. This being the case, public relations allow your business to communicate with targeted customers and other stakeholders such as prospects through a variety of different channels that are clearly different with great power of expression. As such, public relations are a tool of choice, e.g. to boost the notoriety and the image of a brand, ramp up customer loyalty and accordingly drive up sales.

The elaboration of customer communications is made to occur in four stages that are: the definition of the communication’s target, the setting of the goal (e.g., raising the notoriety, changing customer attitudes to a given service), the construction of the message (Who ‘says’ What and How), and finally the choice of the channel to be used. This choice is made from among three channel categories: print channels (e.g., annual reports, newsletters, magazines), electronic channels (e.g. corporate websites, owned blogs and social media), and face-to-face channels (e.g., seminars, speeches, social events).

Range of services offered by Eurolife

  • Devising optimised or new communication plans based on the four steps outlined above.
  • Helping enterprises develop social media strategies.
  • Helping businesses devise content marketing strategies.
  • Creation of websites.
  • Creating digital content; writing brand journalism pieces, customer magazines’ content, etc.
  • Organising seminars, social events, etc.